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Where Human Rights and Cultural Values Clash

Before going more into detail concerning the influence of media on cultural identity I’d like to specify the area where (individual) human rights and cultural values are said to clash. This is where all the discussion on universality and relativism … Weiterlesen

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Scribble your PhD: Human Rights and Internet

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International Principles on the Application of Human Rights to Communications Surveillance

A coalition of civil society organisations declared 13 benchmarks for States’ human rights obligations in light of new technologies and surveillance capabilities. They tackle issues like the legality, necessity, adequacy and transparency of any limitation to the right to privacy. Read … Weiterlesen

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Cosmopolitan Communication and cultural diversity

Are global communications endangering cultural diversity? This is the question Pippa Norris and Ronald Inglehart are addressing in their book Cosmopolitan Communication. Cultural Diversity in a Globalized World. And this question is also crucial for my research. Is the Internet as … Weiterlesen

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First steps

The Arab spring, the Brazilian uprising or the Turkish protests at Taksim square – all over the world people stand up for their rights. In these movements, the Internet is playing a crucial role and there are huge debates on … Weiterlesen

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