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Post-truth era: rethinking human nature

The post-truth era bears severe risks for human rights practice, both in the analog and the digital sphere. However, it also reveals a very important fact: humans are much more affect-driven than we assumed; and this has severe consequences for … Weiterlesen

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Bye, bye values

For the last months I’ve been reading a lot about the research on values in change. What I’ve been looking for was a concept for the reasons for the change of values – but there is hardly anything. Most scholars … Weiterlesen

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Cosmopolitan Communication and cultural diversity

Are global communications endangering cultural diversity? This is the question Pippa Norris and Ronald Inglehart are addressing in their book Cosmopolitan Communication. Cultural Diversity in a Globalized World. And this question is also crucial for my research. Is the Internet as … Weiterlesen

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